Dorado Sport Fishing, you will see seagulls, dolphins, whales, flying fish, turtles and many more species of live creatures that will entertain the way to the fishing grounds, never more than 20 minutes. We offer you the possibility to feel the power of a Blue Marlin, any kind of Tuna, Bluefin, Yellowfin, Big Eye, Longfin or Skipjack, and the sensation of fighting any kind of bottom fish using light tackle. We have more than 25 years of experience in fishing these waters, we know the grounds very well, and if you trust us, be sure we’ll always take you the right spot.


Solar -Protection, shirt, sunglasses, hat and a sweater or jacket.

Camera Photo for video.

If you have your own fishing gear, you can bring it.

Lots of positive energy.

Dorado Sport Fishing includes:

Food and Drinks: Snack, Beer, Softdrinks and Water 

Transfer: From the Hotel to the Marina and Back (only south of island)

Book early to be sure of a place to have the best day of your holiday.

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Dorado Sport Fishing